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The author of Breakdown, Unconscionable and No Land an Island No People Apart again tackles U.S. foreign and domestic affairs in the context of global relations and the inescapable nexus of act and consequence.

This time Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett ponders Solutions in thought and act: “America,” one nation indivisible held together by (citizen) Duty; “Peace,” words without violence; to V- X- Y- Z, Vive la Difference from Xenophobia and Zealotry. Along with the book’s alphabetic textual design are centerfold images—also centering the author’s motive and protest—of people displaced from four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas), rendered homeless by tribal politics, leaders’ foreign and domestic policies, endless war and conflict.

For the student, researcher or seeker of alternative perspectives, the book contains full and detailed reference and index sections as well as appendices of pertinent biographical material and historic documents of the United States and the United Nations.